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Stories are a fundamental part of culture and society. The influence of storytelling is weaved throughout all aspects of life. It’s movies, books, media, religion, art, history, etc. It defines our values, dreams, desires, imagination and even our biases and preconceptions.

I imagine the first story was told by an ancient primitive hunter in the shadowy hollows of a cave by a flickering fire.
(Imagine that’s where you are as you read this story)
Anyway, point is, stories are cool, stories are important and Chatous is for stories. Everyone has one. Chatous is an easy place to share yours.
This is a story that I found particularly intriguing as it involves the supernatural.

Now, allow me to recount for you the events that took place on that fateful day in January when ‘Stranger’ and I matched on Chatous.
I was actually just testing a new version of the app that day (new features to come, yay!) and not really looking for a conversation, mainly just trolling peeps with random pics of my keyboard to test the media features. That’s when I happened upon a 21 year old girl from Massachusetts whose screen name was “Stranger”… how ominous.
Disclaimer: This story contains supernatural material, wizardry, and black magic. It may not be suitable for non-believers. But basically, if you like Harry Potter (or Long Island Medium) you’ll probably dig this story.
One of my hashtags in  my bio is #ghoststories, so Stranger asked me if I had any good ghost stories. I took a quick break from testing the app to engage in a convo about the supernatural. I told her a story and she seemed unimpressed. All she wrote back was “Interesting” so I said,
“What are your ghost stories then…”
(super sassy)
And then she completely one upped me with an incredibly outrageous story that may or may not be true but should definitely be made into a movie.

She started off by telling me that she’s a medium. We talked about what seeing dead people is like… “Are ghosts nice?” “Are you friends with any ghosts?” “Do they look more like Casper or like Slimer from Ghostbusters?” – Just run of the mill Q’s you might ask a medium, you know?
imgres-2 or imgres-1 ?
Then I asked her if she had always been able to communicate with the dead…and that’s where the real story begins.

She told me that when she was younger she fell extremely ill, she had cancerous tumors in her brain and lungs. Doctors were trying everything but nothing seemed to work. She also didn’t have a mom or dad. Full of hopelessness and desperation to survive she turned to the dark side.
She said, “I took matters into my own hands. I delved into the occult. Yes, it was an incredibly stupid thing to do. I practiced for 3 years until things got bad. I ended up concurring something I even today can’t describe. It took a toll on me everyday until the day came I couldn’t take it anymore. I was tired of the attacks, of the things it would tell me. I needed help.”
Stranger then proceeded to tell me that she visited every church known to man to see if anyone could help rid her of this evil.
Obviously a scary story is nothing without some mention of a catholic priest (or Anthony Hopkins), amiright?
No one could help her, most people turned her away and called her crazy. She felt like she had no one.
Until one day…
“Then I met the person I call my savior. She practices a different and old form of ‘magic’… She literally grabbed my arm at the grocery store and said ‘I can help you.’ “

At this point in the story I was like….
 200-3  200-4
Stranger’s mystery savior taught her everything she knew about this ancient form of magic and slowly, day by day, stranger began to feel sicker and sicker. Mystery savior told her that it was the evil leaving her body. Getting weaker by the day, Stranger’s doctors told her that she had less than 3 months to live.

One day she woke up cold as ice and couldn’t get out of bed, her friend rushed her to the hospital and she was pronounced dead at 6:47 am
Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.39.44 PM
(Actual snippet from convo)
She continued… “During my ‘death’ I saw the light (yes it exists) and as I was going towards it I knew it wasn’t my time. I looked down at my vessel and at my dear friend and I looked back. What I saw… was beautiful beyond words. To this day I’ve never seen anything more beautiful but if you look into the eyes of a new born you can see a glimmer of what it is.”
“Gaze into my eyesss”

Stranger said she felt something pulling her back and then she awoke inside her body…but something was different. She explained, “When I woke up I didn’t just see my friend. I saw everyone that was in there. I saw my mother, I saw an old man, I saw a child and I realized that this was my consequence. I asked my friend (who was in shock since I had been dead for 20 minutes) if she could see them and she looked at me puzzled and said she was the only one there.”
Stranger explained that her consequence for delving so deeply into the occult was that she “was to always walk the fine line of life and death.”
She said, “I had to die to give myself to the grace of the higher being. And they rewarded me with a new life but as their servant.”
AND THEN…the docs came back in and examined her. The cancer was completely GONE.
The end.
Stranger and I still talk, she’s awesome. We’re friends. She still hasn’t told me her name though.

I’ve met some pretty cool and interesting people through Chatous (a lonely boy at an orphanage in the Ukraine, a fashion student in paris, an artist from Brazil, a farmer in Indonesia, etc.) but Stranger told me the wildest story of all and I had to share that experience with the Chatousphere. Whether this really happened to Stranger or she thought up a really good story, the world will never know, but either way it was a magical adventure and that’s the beauty of a story.

What’s your story?

Add me on Chatous @andifromchatous – tell me your story. Holla!

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