A Controversial Love Story

What’s better than a love story? Obviously, a controversial love story.
A great love story usually involves forbidden love, a social messaging app, and vampires.
[Edward Cullen on Chatous]
So buckle up because this baby has all of the above. Okay, maybe not all of those things, but most of those things.
A while back I received an e-mail from a very grateful user. Her name is Lindsay and she wanted to thank the Chatous Team for changing her life. Naturally, I wanted to know more. So I reached out to her and asked her how her life had changed.This is Lindsay’s story:
From the outside looking in Lindsay had everything going for her. She’s 25 years old, born and raised in Louisiana, excelling in nursing school, she has supportive family and friends, a steady job and she was engaged. Only problem was, she was engaged to the wrong person.
“We had known each other basically our whole lives and he was my highschool sweetheart, our families and our lives were so intertwined… it felt like the thing I should do. But it didn’t feel like the right thing to do.” Lindsay told me.
(Hopefully you’re reading the quotes with a Southern accent.)
She had a lot going on and didn’t know who she could turn to without feeling judged or persuaded to feel differently. She said, “Sometime in late September, your app changed my life. At the time, I was engaged to someone I was struggling to love. I was struggling with a lot of things, and I joined your app to make friends.” She turned to Chatous as a comfortable anonymous platform to provide the outlet she needed.
“It was the only place where I could talk about how I really felt, without feeling scared of what people might think. I made friends who would listen and give me advice, but there was one person in particular, who was there for me everyday to listen to my disgruntlements and talk me through my problems. His name is Jake.”
Lindsay and Jake talked everyday for three months. Jake lives in Colorado . “At first it wasn’t romantic, we were friends. He would even try and talk me through my fights with my fiance. He played devil’s advocate and encouraged me to keep trying.” As things progressed Jake and Lindsay couldn’t ignore the connection that was growing between them.
[There’s nothing better than forbidden love, amiright?]
[Roms and Jules – at it again.]
“Talking to Jake on Chatous became my favorite part of everyday. Our thoughts were on the same page, insanely so. All of our beliefs and ideas lined up perfectly.”
Finally, Lindsay decided to call off the engagement. “I realized that being alone would have been better than marrying someone that I wasn’t in love with anymore.” She was surprised to find that her family and friends supported her decision, just like Jake said they would.
After she called off the engagement she skyped Jake for the first time and they’ve skyped everyday since then. She flew out to see him a month later and they spent the holidays together. After Lindsay graduates she intends to move to Colorado to be with Jake.

“I felt the need to send my appreciation to everyone who led to the development of this application. Without you, I would never have met the love of my life, the man I intend to marry. Thanks Chatous Team – I owe you everything!”

You’re welcome, Lindsay 🙂

But sorry ex-fiance 😦

but yay Lindsay 🙂

The only thing that could have made this story juicier is if Jake was a vampire.
I’m sure he’s really cool though.
You never know how the people you meet might change your life. Whether it be on Chatous or in person, take a chance and don’t be afraid to let people know the real you.
If you have a cool story (or hot goss) about someone you met on Chatous let me know! @andifromchatous.

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